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October 14, 2009

The travels of a Jackson:

When I say travels of a Jackson I am talking about someone in the Jackson family who shows their many colors often. Who travels the world in seek of new companions. Who spends years on the river with some and unfortunately maybe only a few months on the river with others. Some Jacksons come from different molds and some stay the same only to change after a few years as we all do. The Jackson I am talking about is that little.or mega Jackson kayak you hop into to run rivers or surf favorite play waves.

My companion Jackson was the 2007 All-Star that stood by me for around three years of my short but full scheduled boating career. After ordering the boat in the summer of 07 it finally arrive in the fall, ready for its first test run on the Ottawa River. The beginning of a long journey. This journey started on the Ottawa and moved south through the East coast of the United States, stopping in Mexico and traveling along the Eastern and Western Coasts of this country. Making its way down most of the classic medium volume runs, a creek and or waterfall here and there. Once on the airplane out of Mexico it was straight to a season with Expidiciones Chile on Patagonias Futaleufu. Four months cruising down Infierno, Throne Room, Center Line Terminator and surfing Pistola it was back home to Alberta, Canada where I reside by a hidden gem of a playspot in the Rockies between work seasons, Fine tuning my hole play.

After being on the Fu, the All-Star had a craving for more big wave surfing and boating. A four month season on the Ottawa with OWL Rafting would have to suffice.that followed shortly by another season on the Futa for another four months. In between air travel, this Jackson spent time on the roof of a van making its way from river to river in Alberta and B.C. Some classics like the Slave and Skookumchuck. The last time to travel for this Jackson was soon approaching.

After receiving a job with Water By Nature on the Mighty Zambezi it was off to the Airport with the now mighty All-Star. Serving me three months on the Mighty Zam, down Commercial Suicide and flying high on 12b, this boat went to one of the locals to continue its journey on more great rivers around Africa and possibly around the world.

I just want to pass a thanks onto EJ and to everyone at Jackson kayaks for making such great boats. In my own opinion, it’s obvious statements like durability, made for beginners and experts fall under the All-Stars category, as my boat lasted 450+ days on the water. Over those 450+ days I would also consider myself going from maybe not a complete Beginner-Expert but at least Intermediate-Expert. As a play boater, river runner, creeker and international Guide. I just can’t wait to get my hands on one of those new All-Stars weew!!! The penny saving starts now and oh yea thanks again Jackson, keep up the good work.

P.S. Attached a few photos from the last trip. Cheers.


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