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Hey Everyone! I hope everyone had an awesome Halloween! This past week I had a wonderful time running some new rivers! I would be lying if I said I wasnt nervous but the days were all successful. The first river I did last Sunday was the Russell Fork! Wow! What an amazing run! The bigger rapids could be as easy or hard as you wanted them to be and all the boogie water was so much fun! I hadnt been in the Punk Rocker in awhile but boy could that boat boof! Never did I have to worry about making my boof! It was great to see so many people on the river! My favorite rapid was El Herrendo! It was bouncy and fast but one of the most fun rapids i have done in a long time! The river I ran yesterday was Cane Creek. It was a little more intimidating because I had never been around so much wood

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2 New Rivers in One Week!