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By Ben Stookesberry

1. The ability to perform in the full spectrum of my whitewater persuits. Whether involved in big water multi-day adventures like Pakistans Indus river or Steep Creeking in California’s Sierra Nevada, the Super Hero is the right boat for the job.
As further proof of this I present the first three episodes of Chris Korbulica and my first descent of the Fabled Tawang Chu river in India and Bhutan in full HD (try hooking your computer up to the big flat screen). Completing this river required 9 days of self support kayaking that can only be described 6 days of walled in North Fork Payette with a three day Idaho South Salmon on top. I can’t imagine trying this run in any other boat!
2. Public trasportation: Those of you that have ever tried to travel with your boat by bus, plane, or train know that 8 feet is absolutely the magic number for getting your vesel on board everytime. At 7’11" the Super Hero fit’s right in there everytime with out any complaints or extra charges. Jesse Coombs, Darin McQuoid, Chris Korbulic, and I werejust reminded of that big time over the last 35 hours of travel into the far reaches of the Indian Himalaya when we loaded our Hero and Super Heroes together onto numerous planes trains and buses inorder to arrive affordably in the magical state of Sikkim.
3. Sometimes I like to play it safe and walk a dangerous looking rapid or falls; and there is no doubt that the Super Hero is the easiest, most comfortable river running kayak in the world. This is thanks again to its compact design and revolutionary outfitting.
Extra Credit: The epitomizes the EJ, David Knight, team JK collaboration mixing genious inovation with tried and true function into a one of a kind river running/ creek design.
In constant persuit of the best I know for a fact that EJ and company are not stopping here, so let’s all stay tunned for what is in store for Spring 2010!
Ben Stookesberry
Team First Ascent
Clear H2O Films
Team JK