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By Jez

So with the nationals all done and dusted here in Australia, we have
been enjoying boating in very warm temps right now. It is not uncommon
to see more people hitting the water just because it is so hot right

My classes have been going well. We have finished up for this term and
I am very stoked to see some of my class move on to bigger and better
things. I instruct at the Penrith Whitewater Stadium with on a Junior
Development Program, which give these youngsters a head start by
getting instruction and water time every weekend. It’s great to see
those that I have taught over the years now become the next Junior
Champions in Australia, and you can see how passionate they are at
boating. Usually I am on the water more than most people down here,
however these youngsters seem to be getting on the water before me
more and don’t leave till the water is turned off.

Well after watching the news on all the snow storms that North America
is getting, I am thinking of you all sitting in my new bright red All
Star in 40c degrees (104f) down here, boating in fantastic weather and
very warm water.

To get you all in the holiday spirit , my hip hop group that I am in
put something together for everyone to enjoy

May your holidays be full of joy, and your new year be packed with
whitewater adventures!

Your mate,
Jackson Kayak Coordinator of Karma