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Drew has a charismatic personality and is so comfortable on the water in his Day Tripper that some might think he was part of the natural environment there. This goose sure did.

According to Drew:

"I always knew the Day Tripper 10 (and 12) was a stable kayak because it
is the only 10 footer I can stand in comfortably while fishing.
However, I never really tested its tipping point fully because, hey, who
wants to take a swim?!?! It was going to take an act of nature to
forced me to take a swim from this boat and an act of nature is what
happened. If you haven’t watched the video below then click play to see
how the Day Tripper proved to be a stable boat, and didn’t flip over
even when I fell out due to being attacked by a goose! Yes, you read
that correctly, a goose attacked me and I am fortunate the boat does not
roll over easy because I surely would have lost a lot of fishing
equipment and gear. Thanks to Jackson for creating such a quality,
stable boat at a reasonable price for anglers and recreational boaters."