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January 25, 2010

By Kat Levitt

Two-thousand and nine could not have been better;
We emerged from a drought, with the weather much wetter!

From surfing the Brave Wave to running North Chick;
We boofed and we blunted, catching air that was sick!

I did laps on the Tellico and David did Bear;
He and Jeff did seven laps, they’re a motivated pair!

I ran Johnnies at high water, and again as it dropped;
I finally ran Wildcat, but DoubleCamp can’t be topped!

The Ocoee turned on and I practiced a bunch;
But I had to take a break, since my shoulder went ‘crunch.’

I made it to Team Trials, and tried my very best;
Then on to Fibark, where I stood out from the rest!

California Sierra was the highlight of the year;
Where you hike in for miles, with your boat and your gear.

I paddled the Tuolumne, and saw many a big tree;
I swam in Crater Lake, and surfed my kayak in the sea.

Then we launched on Hell’s Canyon where we fished all night long;
We caught some huge sturgeon, but put them back where they belong.

We ran the Payettes and spent time with our friends;
Soon summer was over, and we headed east with the winds.

We came home to the Ocoee and got ready for Fall;
Preparing for races and the West Virginia haul.

Kincaid ran the Gauley at fourteen years old;
Then off to the Ottawa, Garb was in we were told!

I enjoyed Garb, but Curtis loved it the most;
I killed it at Babyface, but I shouldn’t boast.

Well thats about it, O- I did win a race;
It was on the Ocoee, I set a very fast pace.

For the upcoming year, I have more than one goal;
I’ll run some new rivers, and work on tricks in a hole.

There’s Rock Creek near my home, off Lookout Mountain it falls;
I can’t wait to run it, if I ever get the balls!

But mostly I’m looking to stay healthy and have fun;
Its always a blast to kayak, no matter what I run!

-Kat Levitt

The photos attached were taken by Matt Wallace at eternity hole- my second time paddling my new Star!!

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