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The First Annual Pucon Riverfest went off in style with an Opening Ceremony in Pucon, A Boatercross on the Upper Palguin, and a Fun Family Day on the Lower Trancura. It was a fun weekend with lots of kayaking, chilean cerveza (beer), and amigos (friends). There are no pics because are photographer Devyn Scott went home with a blown ear drum courtesy of the 70 footer on the middle Palguin.

The race results went something like this:

1- Keegan Grady (CAN)
2- Evan Garcia (USA)
3- Aniol Sarrasoles (SPN)

4- Tyler Curtis (CAN)
5- Stephen Forster (USA)
6- Jake Greenbaum (USA)
7- Anton Immler (SWE)
8- Ian Garcia (USA)
9- Jared Seiler (USA)

Big props to Ben May of Kayak Chile for organizing the event. Check the Kayak Chile link for photos and a proper write up.

Here is a quick video from our first couple weeks in CHile.


Have a great New Years!
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