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Many people talk of horrible cramped up spaces on planes on long flights. Not me, I got three pimpin seats all to myself and LOVED my flight down to Chile. I snored all the way down all stretched out with 3 pillows. Dave Hughes asked me to chaperone the students, helping them with all the little details of gear, paperwork, navigation, and passport control from Dallas to Temuco. Dave also flew me down on his own dime to give his students extra attention on the river as well.

Its no secret I love to teach and it was a great opportunity to see Chile and escape the cold of Canada. The last I saw of Canada was an ice storm and a nice balmy 17ºF. I took some photos of the Lorne and Bus Eater. Quite a contrast from the view I see on a lake front patio. Photo also attached.

I sat in on a meeting with all the teachers to discuss the game plans for combining education delivery with the ever-difficult estimation of river flows. The school has changed a lot since I worked with Huge in New Zeland years ago. It’s the same amazing program more refined. The base of operations can only be described as beautiful. The architecture of the main building is as beautiful as the landscape around us. The Rio Trancura singing me asleep last night, a sweet warm water run with a play spot at the front yard. It makes the place an ideal spot to base, learn and paddle out of.

Billy Harris

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Mission: Chile Huge Experience, no Hablo Espanola