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By Darin McQuoid

Stephen Wright just flew out to California, and what better way to welcome him than with a sweet day on the water? He had just put Bald Rock Canyon of the Middle Fork Feather on his list of things to do, and only three days after arriving we had perfect flows, warm weather (for February) and a great group consisting of Stephen, Taylor Robertson, Jason Craig and myself. Since Taylor knows the run well we routed the vast majority of it and didn’t take too many shots, thanks for all the great lines Tay!

Note that while it’s not recommended, as illustrated by Stephen in a dire emergency the foot block foam from Jackson Hero can work inside a drysuit like a pfd….don’t try this at home!

It’s also super cool to note that back in the day this was THE tough run in California, and Jason’s dad is a Bald Rock veteran, so it’s pretty damn cool that he got out on the run at only 16 years old.

– Darin McQuoid

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Taylor Robertson