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I got to Bald Rock on the Middle Feather yesterday, only to discover that I had forgotten my PFD.  My stupidity aside, I did have a minor excuse: I had loaded my pfd into my Villain S proto which is still en route from Rock Island to Reno.  I just forgot to load my back-up into my active gear bag. ANYWAY, at the put-in, we scrambled to find something that would work and came up with a pretty good last-chance alternative.  I took the 3″ foam foot blocks out of the Punk Rocker Jason was paddling and shoved one behind my back and one in front of my chest UNDER my drysuit.  It wasn’t particulary comfortable, BUT probably had more floatation than a real PFD, and couldn’t come loose in a swim.   Plus, the foam is pretty much in the same place that the floatation would be with an actual pfd.  The tight skirt just below the foam keeps it in place.

Here is the original post:
desperate PFD substitute on Bald Rock