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By Devon Barker

The WK Hometown Throwdowns are a series of FUN events aimed at bringing communities of recreational boaters together in the spirit of simple competition. Based on the legendary Maryland Chute Outs, these events allow for simple scoring and keep things light and fun. Points for front surfs, wathunks, paddle waves and the standard playboating moves make this fun for all. The categories allow for any one to do well and we all judge each other. Prizes are not given to top rides, but are raffled off to all participants like door prizes. This keeps the focus on participation, learning skills, bragging rights and taking the wave or hole for a few hours a month. We hope to see you at the events for Kelly’s Whitewater Park’s inaugural year! Here are the dates:

May 1 – Cascade, KWP (Saturday) – Noon
May 20 – Horseshoe Bend, Gutter (Thursday) – 6pm
June 12 – Cascade, KWP (Saturday) – 10am
June 24 – Horseshoe Bend, Gutter (Thursday) – 6pm
July 5 – Cascade, KWP (Monday) – 10am
July 24 – Horseshoe Bend, Gutter (Saturday) – 10am
Aug 6 – Cascade, KWP (Friday) – 6pm
Aug 19 – Horseshoe Bend, Gutter (Thursday) – 6pm for more info.

We look forward to see you all at the river. I cannot wait to surf with all of you!
Gary Wilson, Damon Yerkes, & Devon Barker