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Well lots of stories about ducks/swans and Jackson Kayak these days. The last one made it to Leno and the Today Show… This one made it to the local paper in Cincinatti. A huge high 5 to Mark Bersani and Loveland Canoe are for helping this fella get free from being tangled in a fountain somehow…

Loveland Canoe & Kayak comes to the rescue!

By: Chuck Gibson


When all else fails, call Mark Bersani at Loveland Canoe & Kayak. That’s what Molly and Rodney Newsom are saying after Bersani and Craig Morris were the only ones to respond to the Newsom’s call for help.

It all started during an evening walk near their home in Brandywine on the Little Miami Sunday of Labor Day weekend. They noticed the swan under the fountain in the pond.

"We thought ‘that’s kind of weird; he was like taking a shower," Molly said.

When Rodney and neighbor David Read checked Monday morning, the swan was still there. They knew it was probably entangled and trapped. They began calling for help.

"I tried the Loveland Fire Department, the SPCA and the police," she said. "I tried every body. I waited and nobody showed up."

Determined to rescue the swan, Molly was prepared to swim out there herself.

"I’m a huge animal lover," said Newsom. "I’m not going to let him die out there. I’ll swim out there myself."

When her husband said no, she called her brother-in-law to bring his canoe, but he was too far away. She called Loveland Canoe & Kayak. Owner Mark Bersani responded and quickly showed up with a kayak. His first effort to free the swan revealed he was severely tangled.

Bersani called upon fellow employee and wildlife expert, Craig Morris to assist. Within minutes the two of them paddled out to the swan. Hissing and wildly flapping its wings, the swan had to be controlled before they could help. Morris corralled the swan, while Bersani reached below the water surface to cut it loose. In seconds the swan swam free.

Surprisingly, this was not the first animal rescue for Bersani and Morris. Some of you may remember the goose with the orange arrow a couple years ago. Yes indeed, it was the same pair who rescued the wild goose back then.

"Sure enough they came out," Newsom said. "God love ’em."

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