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By Devon Barker

I was able to tour Kelly’s Whitewater Park on Monday,
February 8. It is amazing seeing the whole project being
constructed. The park is slated to be open this spring. We have four Home Town Throw
Downs scheduled. Check out
for all the dates and information. Everyone is welcome! May 1st is
our first event.

I was given a tour by Gary Lacey and Shane Sigel from REP and from Cameron
Cordova. Cameron is the project manager for both the visitor center and
the wwp. Enjoy the photo of my sixth grade students. Cameron gave
us a few t-shirts for my class. They all are excited because they hear me
talk about kayaking all the time. Now they have a KWP shirt with a
kayaker on it.

Cannot wait to paddle with all of you in Idaho! If you are going to Reno
this year for the Reno River Festival plan a stop in Idaho before or after your

The photos taken are with 200 cfs.. imagine
when it is in full swing… September,.. with warm water temperature.


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cameron construction managerClick to see larger image

Cascade WelcomeClick to see larger image

drop fourClick to see larger image

easyroutedrops 5 & 6Click to see larger image

Island & visitor centerClick to see larger image

kayak and coffeeClick to see larger image

Kelly swhitewater parkClick to see larger image

KWP sixthgradersClick to see larger image

Shane & DevonClick to see larger image

upstream drop 1Click to see larger image

visitor center inside