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By Devon Barker

Here are some pictures of the Missoula wave. They were taken in mid-May during the Best in the West event. I look forward to seeing all of you in Missoula, Montana for USA Team Trials. If you can, plan a little time for paddling in Idaho before or after the event. You can paddle the Lochsa, Salmon, and the Payette between Missoula, Montana and Boise, Idaho! Kelly’s Whitewater Park is hosting a July 4th concert and freestyle event for July 5th. Cascade, Idaho is between McCall and Boise, Idaho on the North Fork of the Payette.
Paddle with you soon! Devon

USA Freestyle Kayaking is pleased to announce that US Team Trials for the 2011 Freestyle World Championships
in Plattling, Germany will be held June 30-July 2, 2010 in Missoula MT.
Choosing an event to host the trials has been a difficult task. With
the World Championships
likely being held around the beginning of June, 2011, holding Team
Trials in 2011 would have been difficult with regard to avoiding school
conflicts with Juniors, making arrangements for the team to travel to Germany,
and risking adverse weather conditions. We believe that the Missoula
event offers the best option for selecting a team that will continue
our dominance at the World Championships. Our event partners in
Missoula are working hard to welcome paddlers for the 2011 Team Trials,
which will also serve as the final event in the first ever USAFK point
series National Championships. USAFK looks forward to seeing our nation’s best freestyle competitors in July!

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