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It has been a long time coming and we have never spent so much time designing, testing, and revising a creeker until now.   Thanks to the hard work of David Knight, and the input of team paddlers from all over the globe, as well as dealers, schools, and comparing to all existing designs, we turned over every rock, and boofed over, spun on, eddied out behind, and butted up to every other rock.    Mexico and USA were the primary testing grounds, hitting Bear Creek multiple times, Green, Tellico, Manns Creek, Mill Creek, Caney Fork at high water, the falls, etc. testing on big waterfalls, little waterfalls, big water (20,000 cfs) little water (200 cfs), steep and mild.  Whew, and we went through prototype 1, 2, and are now settled on the final version, Prototype 3 that will now be known as Villain S.   S stands for smaller than the Villain.  So you understand what boat is right for you,  Villain S is for 100-180 and Villain is for 160-250+.     Here are some Villain photos from our testing.. (we did a bunch of testing without video or photos, like this past weekend, etc., sorry.) EJ [nggallery id=45]

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Villain Prototyping Finished! Wow! I am so Fired up on this Creeker/River Runner!