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Wow, What a start to the year! I was just about to head back to Asheville from spending the holidays with my family in Wisconsin, when a quick check of the gauges revealed that the put-in waves on the New River Dries were running big. So an immediate change of plans pointed my compass directly to Fayetteville,WV. The rains have been very kind over the last few weeks allowing the best wave surfing I had yet to encounter. Stephen, Nick, and Clay having gone back to Ole Tenn for some clinics, fellow Jackson paddlers Justin Owen, Shane Groves, and myself took over the reigns as kings of the waves.

I had surfed smaller waves all summer using the new 2010 All Star and was really excited to see how big it would go on the monsters waves of the dries. Boy does it deliver!

Watch the video to see massive air and maximum hang-time!

Keep your paddle wet,

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Shane Big PanAm Crop