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I am very proud of our website, that started off before there was a Jackson Kayak with my friend Jeff Bennett from Hawaii creating and maintaining it for the past 8 years.    Over the past few month, World Kayak’s web team has created a new World Kayak Blogspot that will replace the current website as you have known it.   Under the hood of our new website is a ton of horsepower that will allow you to do more, and for us to create a better experience for everyone.   I am very fired up for you to get your first look!   At skin level, you’ll see two primary sections-   Jackson Kayak Boats/accessories, and Jackson Life.    In the boat section, you’ll be introduced to the Villain properly, and see the logos for the first time, and you’ll see the actual kayak by Monday in final form!     You’ll also learn about our new 2010 options, Elite  (cross link), or Standard (superlinear)  which are offered in 2010.    The new kayak section layout is much cleaner, clearer, and a better read.    when you click on “hero” for example and review this model, you’ll see on the right a list of articles about the Hero called “the latest word” and you’ll see a Youtube playlist (compliments of Dane) with Hero videos embedded in the page.     The JK  Store is both re-organized and you’ll find some new products like my new favorite Hoodie. In the Jackson Life section- you create a login with your username and password, and your serial number for your JK boat.   (make an effort to find ALL of them, as there will be perks for the more boats you own!)    You can create groups, find friends, post to the forums, and stay in touch with other JK owners.     This is your section of the website.   It is for you, the JK paddler.     You’ll have a direct line to me, to the team, and to other JK owners.    Since we’ll be launching this section today, it is going to take a life of its own today.    Born with no history, no personality, just the skin and bones of a wonderful new tool.    Get in there and make it yours! Almost time! See you online- and on the river this weekend in Alabama!   EJ

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2010 JK Website Launches Today at 5pm!