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Cheryl Saam runs a great business for the city of Ann Arbor Michigan. As you can see, she has the ability to teach kids to kayak in boats that are designed to fit them. Sounds novel doesn’t it? Well, unfortunately for many kids first experience kayaking, they are frequently forced to use kayaks that are simply too wide to get a half descent paddle stroke with. What’s the result? They don’t have much fun, and then guess who next in line for not having fun… THE PARENTS!

The Mini Tripper fixes this problem big time and creates a fun and super stable kayak for learning the skills needed to become a kayaker for life.

If you are a kayaker and would love to have your kids learn to paddle with you, you will be hard pressed to find a kayak that makes this easier than the Mini Tripper. Jackson Kayak is the kayak company that makes boats for kids and as you can see, it creates a smile that is hard to match.

Cheryl says, “The children in our River Day Camps love the Mini Trippers! We had found the larger kayaks too difficult to paddle for many of our 1st-5th grade day campers and we really wanted the children to have a great first experience kayaking so when I saw the mini trippers at a PIA conference I knew they would be perfect. Each summer we have 300 children attend our River Day Camps and they all receive a coupon for a free boat to bring their families paddling and when the children come back they always want a Mini Tripper to show off their paddling skills and fun. The Mini Trippers are amazing for the kids can turn them on a dime and the boats just don’t tip over. Now many of our families who come in to rent boats at the Ann Arbor Canoe Liveries request the “kid kayaks” for the children gain confidence, independence and have the thrill of paddling a fun boat of their own.”

For information on the City of Ann Arbor kids kayak programs please look her up!

Cheryl Saam,

Facility Supervisor, City of Ann Arbor Canoe Liveries

Phone: (734)794.6240Gallup Canoe Livery, 3000 Fuller Rd., A2 48105

Argo Canoe Livery, 1055 Longshore Dr., A2 48105