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I had my 46th birthday yesterday and was lucky to be home at Rock Island with my family.    I have a few traditions that have been going on for a while, such as strawberry shortcake for breakfast,  Emily buys me the ugliest shorts she can find (but i always wear them), and we play all day.     Yesterday was in good form as Kristine made the best strawberry shortcake ever (my mom used to make it for me when i was a kid as well).    KC now enjoys this tradition too.      Emily, Dane, and Kristine got me gifts.   Kristine got me some plaid shorts to wear (cool colors, of course), Dane got me the movie Star Trek, and Emily/Nick bought me a very gay looking speedo,  assuming that I wouldn’t actually wear it.    Of course, I put it on immediately, taking my jeans off, but kept the rest of my birthday suit on.     Nick was very excited to pose with me for this photo and hopes that he too, can get a cool speedo like this.    Following breakfast was our first round of disc golf.   In the past year we have assembled an entire course in the yard (20 acres) and the first tee box is always off of the deck somewhere.   We move the course around to keep it fresh once we start playing too well on it.   I played in my speedo even though it was only 29 degrees out and found that the cold air really keeps you alert and I had my best game and new course record of -8.   Following disc golf was football.   Dane and Nick against Emily and I.    Things got out of hand midway in the game and Emily wanted to play something else, so we went in for lunch.    After lunch we played bocce ball, and then horseshoes, and pinball.    Dane, Nick, and I played a second round of disc golf making for 36 holes, and then we played a new board game I got from Kristine called Carcassonne.    My brother in-law Bill (who works the 5pm to 5am molding shift at JK) came with his wife Shirley, son Will, and daughter Sofie.   My mother-in-law Lorraine came over and so did Clay and Tara (Tara works in customer service at JK, and we all know Clay).    Krsitine made Manicotti (my favorite meal).    Dinner was awesome, complete with homemade bread, and then brownie sundaes.    I got a card delivered by Tara with our 55 employees signatures and some really nice notes.   There is a husband, wife, daughter team in trimming, as well as other husband/wife teams.     Thanks!! Kristine and I played a game of Backgammon or two before we went to bed, after everyone left to end a perfect day. Awesome! EJ

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