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Hi boaters,

There was a mishap in my
article in Kayak Session on the McNasty. The latter
half of the photos aren’t shown. Here is what I have,
two different McNasty’s that I pieced together for one.
For the full effect, you can also check out the videos.

This past few weeks I have
been working on a new move that I plan on using in Austria
if the Wave/Hole cooperates! I like Steve Fisher’s Helix
a lot. It got me thinking about using every possible Plane
and rotation in one move. What I came up with was the McNasty.

Simply put: It is a combination
of a backwards donkey flip and a loop. It is a full 360 degree
rotation on the long axis of the boat, a 180 degree rotation
on the short axis of the boat (like a cartwheel) and it is
aerial. Of course there are good McNastys and bad McNastys.
A good one is magical; a bad one is a flop on your head and
a huge rush of water. I have done lots of bad ones.

This video I took by myself
just setting my new Christmas present on a tripod. Yes, it
was taken on December 26th. The spray from the waterfall on
the lens and the shadows make it a little dark, but heh, it’s
my first day with my new camera.

I designed the McNasty
to be done in a hole or wave. I promise some incredible ones
from the Zambezi or White Nile from Africa soon enough, stay


video of the McNasty (1.7 MB, Windows Media Player 9 required)

Cable or DSL Strongly Recommended

All McNasty photos Copyright
© 2003 Skip Brown.