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This year’s North Alabama Whitewater Festival combined with the Locust Fork Slalom Races, and added some biking events to become Alabama Mountain Games.    There was live music each day, great fun in the form of kayaking, vendors, biking, and even sunbathing if you wanted!  70 degree and sunny weather made for an incredible three days.   Thurs, Friday, and Saturday were the competition days.  Nick and Dane left Rock Island on Wednesday night but i didn’t have the RV ready for it maiden voyage of the season to make the Huckfest, and falls boatercross.     I was there for the freestyle on Friday at Ender Hole and the water level was perfect!   We spent the day out on the island in shorts, and judged, and competed.     On Saturday the slalom races took place at King’s Bend and the attendence was quite large.      Each night there were good bands and lots of fun.     Saturday night it rained and the RV got stuck in the field on Sunday AM, making the departure more interesting than planned.    We made it out after getting a tow from Clay, and a push from kayakers, and some digging with my Lightning Shovels (paddles)   Dane won the Huckfest, Nick one the boatercross at short creek. emily won the women’s freestyle, Nick won the men’s, Dane was second, I was third (Dane beat me again!), Clay was 4th, and Jonathan was 5th.

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NAWF a great time by all!