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By Ruth Gordon

Are you ready for a great year of playboating???

With the holidays long in your past, new years resolutions firmly in place and your schedule currently wide open why not start preparing for a great year of playboating?

Here are a few key ingredients that will help you make your transition to on-water relatively seamless:

1. Video – watch them, learn from them and apply the skills in the pool.

2. Pool – get to your local pool session and don’t just sit there; work on sweep strokes, edge control and vertical force.

3. Gym – warm up those rotator cuffs and start building some core strength.

4. Boat – try a 2010 Star Series boat, compare it to the competition, and be prepared to fall in love.

5. River time – once the ice breaks and the rivers are flowing start trying your new skills on the water. Keep your eyes open for friendly eddy lines, seams, pillows, waves or holes cause there is play to be had in every rapid.

These next few months could be crucial to the success of your 2010 playboating season so go on, get to the pool, join the gym and get ready!