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Hi boaters,

So you want to see Kick
Flips, Rocket Moves, Macho Moves, Wavewheels, and other sky
reaching downriver moves? Well, you’ll need to make
sure to get your copy of my new DVD’s coming out soon.
Playboating Basics, and Advanced Playboating. Both are due
out in Mid-to late April. Here is an example of the kickflip

Look for a wave that is
as steep as possible and has little or no foam on it.

Photo 1: Aim for the peak with speed,
begin pulling the stern under a little and pulling yourself
up the face as fast as you can.


Photo 2: have enough edge dropped
to pull the stern under while you pull yourself up past
the peak. The more vert the better without going over


Photo 3: Fly baby fly


Photo 4 & 5: Re-entry – Throw
your body to the back deck and do a back deck roll really


Photo 5: Go on your way.

This particular wave had
a little ridge running down the middle of the peak and it
made a nice launch pad. The air you can get on most waves
is much greater than most people think. Give it a go instead
of the more common wavewheel.

I can’t wait to show
you the downstream aerial Pan Am Jay threw on this very wave,
SICK Chris and I are editing the videos right now so stay
tuned for more cool photos from the trip.