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I was fortunate enough to get out with a great group of friends on one of the best day runs in the world yesterday: Upper Middle Cosumnes (or as I like to call it, the Upper Middle co SICK nes).  We had a fantastic day on the river, with good lines run by all.  This way my 3rd or 4th run down the UMC, and my first run down it in the Villain S proto 2.0.  This boat is fantastic: FAST, predictable, holds a line at speed, easy to spin/turn low speed, boofs great, and shoots through foam and sub-outs like a hot knife through butta.  It’s equally at home in technical boulder water, as it screaming down big slides through holes and big curlers.  This run has never been easier!  I can’t wait to get a production one in Crosslink–it just slides over rocks better Enjoy these photos, that Darin McQuoid was kind enough to shoot all day.  I got some gopro footy, that I’ll get up soon with more from 49 to Bridgeport.  Less than 2 weeks back in Reno, and already had a run down Bald Rock, UMC, 49 to Bridgeport (South Yuba) X2, and 3 days in the whitewater park! Live from Reno, NV, Stephen Wright

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UMC in the Villain S 2.0 Proto!