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Yesterday, Dane drove to the factory to pick up the first two finished Villian S boats out of the new Aluminum mold.    Molded while we were at NAWF, and the blue on assembled yesterday morning, we still had time to rally to Suck Creek, near Chattanooga for three laps before dark.    Finally seeing the boat with graphics, shiny, and ready to sell gave me goosebumps.    I got to do the virgin run in the green/white/black one, and Nick in the Blue one.    We switched out each lap.    We all three versions at the river.   Proto 1, proto 2, and the final one, also known as proto 3.     David Stephan, team JK from Brazil, was also there to try them for the first time.   A local guy, Taylor, joined in after run 1. In carrying the boat, the carrying straps positions were moved a little closer to the cockpit making it easier to grab and these boats weighed less than the Rockers.   When I first jumped in the eddy at the put-in, I tested initial and final stability, which we amped up over the first proto.   Test done, and mission accomplished, this is a stable boat, with a good feel to the edge to edge transfer.    The prototypes had welded in cockpit rims and the ergonomics were harder to evaluate.     The final Villain feels like ample room for entry/exit, but a nice controllable fit.   While the Hero and Rockers I would want to use Sweet Cheeks 200 to lift myself up in it, the Villain S is perfect with Sweet Cheeks 100, so nothing additional needed.

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Villain S is Finished and Tested Today- EJ and Team are on Cloud 9