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Every time a new boat comes out it’s like Christmas at the Jackson Kayak ranch. So to share our excitement about the arrival of the new 2011 Hero we are celebrating with a Be a Hero, Hero T-shirt Design Contest that you can enter on the official Jackson Kayak Facebook fan page.
Here’s the deal. You design a cool t-shirt design that incorporates the new Hero logo, post it to the contest on the JK FB fan page by midnight Feb. 4. Next, you get your friends, family and all the folks who share your love of your favorite river-focused non-profit to vote for your shirt design between Feb. 5 and Feb. 11. If your design wins, we’ll produce and sell shirts with your winning design and split 50 percent of the proceeds with your designated river-focused non-profit. That’s how you become a Hero to your local river and the folks who are working to preserve it or clean it or open it to recreation or whatever the cause may be.
We’ll announce the winner on Valentine’s Day since whoever takes part really is a sweetheart to donate their creativity to help their local or national river non-profit.
Of course you’ll get a t-shirt too!