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Travel to Mexico seems to be discouraged when you sit in front of your TV and watch the news (I guess good thing Nate and I don’t have cable) . . . because, this was one of the easiest trips we’ve had as far as logistics and one of our most favorite returns to Mexico.

Nate and I traveled back to Veracruz, Mexico to film and participate in the 3rd annual Alseseca race. This race is held on the roadside section of the Alseseca and consisted of a short race (1/2 mile) and a long race (1.5 miles). Within the 1.5 miles of the long race, you would run about 20 drops, ranging from waterfalls to slides, to sticky holes and ledges.

Winning the long race relied more on hitting good lines and not so much on fast paddling. There were a few rapids in this stretch that required good safety – “Sticky hole”, “S-turn” and “Sofi’s hole”.

A ceremony for nature and for the safety and protection of the competitors on the river, was a beautiful start to the days’ events.

Just before gearing up, all participants were required to get their blood pressure and pulse checked by the local medics. As soon as this was completed, the short race with 7 competitors began. Immediately after the short race, I placed myself at the starting line as the first competitor in the long race of 18 boaters.

The Alseseca race is an event put on for boaters to race and have fun, but it is also an event to raise awareness to the community about keeping their rivers clean. 30+ bags of garbage had been pulled out of this stretch of whitewater over the last month, by local river enthusiasts from around the area.

The awards ceremony was held in Tlapacoyan’s city center, which showcased many of the city’s government officials and community dwellers, along with the local high school band.

This has been one of the most organized and executed races I have ever participated in. So many people helped organized this race – Aventurec, Liquid Adventures, Espirit, community public safety, community medics, raft guides from around the area, and many, many more!

For race results, please see:

Video coming soon by Sheer Madness Productions . . . it’s a race you don’t want to miss!

Heather Herbeck