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I meet and talk to a lot of different people as I am out fishing and camping from my Kayak. One of the questions that comes up is about weight capacity of the kayak. Being a big guy around 250lbs I always had to take this into consideration when choosing a kayak for what I like to do. When I am out fishing it is just me with 3-4 rods, some tackle, and a cooler. Most kayaks will be able to handle that, but when I am fishing and camping here is where the weight capacity is really put to the test. Sometimes the camping trip could be three days and while most of my gear for a trip like this would be like what a backpacker would take with them I still like to be comfortable.

The gear I carry for a three day trip would consist of a tent, air mattress (remember the comfort part), cooking and utensil set, cooler with all of the drinks and food, clothes in dry bags and the chair to be comfortable when resting near the fire.

One thing that can really help you out when determining what to take with you on a camping trip is to lay it all out then pack your kayak before you go. This way you will know what goes where and if you will need to take it or leave it behind. There is nothing worse than getting to your drop off and finding out that some items will not fit and may not get to go on the trip.

Remember to try and pack as light as you can without giving up what is comfortable to you. Respect the land that you are camping on and obey the rules. Enjoy it because it is a lot of fun.