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Are you using the right rod for the species of fish you are after. Many people walk into a store to get a fishing rod and buy based on price and feel. There is nothing wrong with this but if you could piece together the perfect rod to fit your style of fishing you would not believe the difference that it would make.

The custom rod builder listens to your needs then assembles your rod to what you are wanting. Whether it is chasing bass in the rivers, lakes, and ponds or stalking redfish, trout, and snook down at the coast. The difference between a store bought rod and a custom build is weight and quality of blank. You can get a lighter, stronger blank with better guides than you would get at a store. Another aspect of the custom rod is the ability of the builder to match the action of the blank to the tipe of fish you are going after and the type of lure you will be throwing. You wouldn’t take a worm rod that you use for bass in the lake and go to the coast and throw a popping cork on it. The action would be off and the bait would not do what it was designed to do. The same could be said about taking a popping rod that you chase redfish with and throwing a jig in the river on it. If you got a bite you wouldn’t have the action needed to drive the hook through the fishes mouth resulting in less hookups. If you have ever looked at a tournament angler chances are he is fishing with a custom rod. He is making a living with the equipment that he uses so he has to put his faith in his rod and reels. Here is where the weight difference really comes into play. If you were throwing a crankbait all day on a heavy rod it would really wear you down. Most store bought crankbait rods range in the eight to ten ounce range where a custom rod with the same length and action would weigh around five ounces. This reduces fatigue which comes in handy when fishing a multi day tournament. I hope this information helps the next time is time to purchase a new rod.