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Took the Coosa out on it’s first camping trip on the 29th-31st of December. I packed it down for three days to see what kind of weight it would hold. Could not believe that with myself plus all of the gear that there wasn’t any water coming up through the scuppers.

Loaded down with gear.

The fishing was great despite the lack of current and the front that was passing through. Paddled into a stiff wind most of the time. I caught the majority of my fish on a Zoom centipede that was Texas rigged with a very light sinker.The first day the tally was 17 bass with the three largest going over 5lbs each.

The second day started out as good as the first. The bass were on the same pattern and I ended up with 23 bass on the day with many over three pounds. Met up with other friends for a good night of food,spirits,and conversation.

Woke up in the morning and fished the last two miles to the takeout. Did 23 miles total and caught over fifty fish. Great trip.