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Hey Everyone.

One more good think about Jackson Kayak, it takes care of the ladies and with style!

Since I meet my wife Deryn, she’s always has been concerned about kayaking. She is really modest and respectful on the river.
One thing that she always tells me about kayaking is that she feels really happy to be able to buy girly boats. Jackson Kayak is the best for this, not only because the beautiful pink color that JK provides but also because there is a lot of great female boaters on the JK team.
My wife really likes the Hero series and she’s been dropping some descent sizes waterfalls in it.  She likes the way that the kayak cruises around and how easy is to roll. Deryn, my wife, is also super exited to get a new Hero.
I hope that you guys like the pictures and congratulations for all the woman that do this sport, I can’t demonstrate how proud I am to see you all kayaking!!
I hope you are enjoying your winter!

David and Deryn Stefan.