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goose attacks drew gregory in jackson kayak day tripper kayak

If your sense of humor is the type where you laugh when other people get hurt or are put into “not so fun” unexpected  situations then you’ll have yet another chance to laugh at my expense again on national television this Sunday, when my, now famous, goose attack blooper airs two times  on two different networks.

The attack will be airing on The Travel Channel show, “When Vacations Attack,” at 5pm and 8pm EST.  The show will have segments where they cut back to me discussing the incident and it should be a very funny segment due to me, well, being my ridiculous self during the interviews. I hardly remember what I said, but I do remember the camera man laughing several times so hopefully the audience will also get a kick out of the segment and I won’t embarrass myself too much, but who knows, and I don’t care because it is all in good fun!  The show preview can be seen by clicking on the link below.  It looks like they have edited it from the angle that I “mocked” the goose, which didn’t happen, and in reality I did the opposite of mock the goose because I actually befriended the thing for an hour and tried to even see if it wanted to check out the fish I caught…and of course you saw how it repaid me!!!  Erghhh, but I digress…Anyway, its all for entertainment purposes so we’ll see what they do with it to entertain us!

You can also catch me getting my tail whipped by that silly goose on America’s Funniest Home Videos at 7pm EST, so it is a double dose of Drew in Jackson Kayaks getting beat down by waterfowl.

If you haven’t seen the original blooper video you can check it out at this link.