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Each year I plan out my Fun Tour, which includes kayaking in cool locations, competitions, clinics, seeing dealers, training, and travel time. Since the RV tends to go North, South, West, and back East, covering lower 48, plus some of Canada, 6 months is not as long as you might think. Weekends run out first, and then weekdays. I can never do as much as I like, so i try to make my schedule based on what would be the most Fun, and where I want to compete, and where I want to paddle. This includes events that are important to myself, my dealers, my team, and luckily for me they usually are harmonious. I have a couple of places on my calendar where i finish on a Sunday in one place, and I am due to be 1,000’s of miles away the next day. This is impossible with the RV, and in some cases, impossible with an airplane too! I have a few of those to sort out to make my schedule work in reality.

My goals for this year’s Fun Tour are the same as always, which is part of my life’s priority list.

Life priority list:

The cool thing about my priority list, is that I built my life to make all of them interchangeable in terms of one hand washes the other. My paddling time is also time with the kids. Kristine comes with me to help me in my business every day, as well as my paddling and with the kids. The Kids help me business, and paddling as training partners and team members. My business helps me be able to paddle, etc..

My schedule, although full, is missing a ton of stuff that I would love to do, but can’t do in a single year. There are dealers I can’t see, events I can’t do, rivers I can’t run, without trading them for another one. Whoever invented the summer, should have considered doubling the number of days, weekends, and made a system to keep the rivers flowing during that time.

With that said, I remember that the summer is just the right length of time, because by September I want nothing more than to return home and take a nap, and be in one place for a while. By April- I want to get back on the road, because I am tired of being in one place for so long! I have been traveling like this since 2003 and before that I was in my RV full time since 1997. This will be my 14th year on the road.

My calendar isn’t published here today, because I am not finished with it. I am really just letting you know that I am working on it and that it is almost finished. Some tweaks here and there and the general flow will be there.