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Hey Everyone!

First off, Happy New Year! In the new year we all have certain goals and resolutions and one of mine is to push myself to get in my creek boat more often. Well in the last 3 days, 2 of them have been in my creek boat, and not just any creek boat.  The 2011 Hero!  Here are my top five reasons why I think its the perfect confidence inspiring boat to help me reach my New Years resolutions:

1) It boof’s like a dream! On a creek I don’t want to be nervous above every hole or pour-over and the new hero boof so much better. With a more Rocker shaped bow no wonder it launches so easy!

2) It turns on a dime. Coming in and out of small eddies can be challenging in certain situations, the length of the Hero combined with its hull allows me to turn with the most simplest of strokes.

3) It still gives you that little bit of glide. I love my Villain for so many reasons and one of the main ones is the way it glides around in the water, the feeling I am describing is basically its speed. The new hero feels much more on top of the water and gives me that that little glide to make the rapids and flat water feel much smoother.

4) Its light! It is so easy to carry! One thing that I get nervous about is if I decide not to run a class 5, does that mean i have to do a class 5 hike? With the new hero hiking wont seem so bad as I know it will be super light to carry and have a handle on the inside of the boat to hold on to when carrying it around.

5) The secondary stability! I found the stability of the boat to not be as strong as the old hero except for when I would lean to tip over, it wouldn’t let me once the secondary stability kicked in. This is great because instead of being balanced and then just flipping over when it wasn’t balanced, you can now get away with falling over a lot further and then having the stability kick you back up. This made me a lot more comfortable with being more aggressive with my edges.

oh ya and one more


Oh and…

It front surfs way better!!!

This is after kayaking it on the Falls, the Ottawa and the North Fork of the Chick!

Happy Paddling and I hope whatever goals you might have, that you have a boat to help you get there!

Emily Jackson