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This is my first day spent Editing the upcoming release of the Best Day Ever.  The Best Day Ever is film from Hendri Coetzee’s last trip in the Heart of the Continent that he loved so dearly.  The first thing he ever wrote me while making his groundbraking 6 month solo journey through the Congo was “no cameras this time, just having a bit of humor.”  This is the mentality that compelled the South African native to seek out and achieve the most daunting exploratory expeditions of modern times.  In his final expedition Henry sought to highlight not only the beauty of the place and the thrill of the river, but do it all under the context that intrigued him so much: directly inside what Joseph Conrad first coined as “the heart of Darkness.”  A place where the ‘light’ of the civilized world is yet to penetrate.

It is here deep in the shadow of somewhere so primitive, that we understood some of the fiction that Hendri spoke of from the Ultimate guide to the riddle that is Africa.