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Hello to all river bassers….Todd Braswell here (aka Shoal Tide) with the Jackson Kayk Fishing Team. Decided to brave the elements this past weekend & hit nearby river for some winter bassin. This was a maiden “river” voyage in my new Coosa, needless to say I was quite excited.
Conditions were BRUTAL, freezing air temps, 10-20mph wind gusts & water temps in the low 40’s. As I shoved off from the put in I wondering….”What am I doing out here?”….I going bassin of course! I made a brisk paddle upstream into a pretty stiff current…no problem for the Coosa.
Tried the main river hitting current seams & eddy pockets, no bites. Eased into the mouth of a feeder creek hit some deeper, slower moving water & managed to bag 3 nice largemeouths on a suspending jerkbait, fished painfully slow.
Really enjoyed my maiden voyage & first river bass slime of 2011. Gotta give praise to the high seat on my Coosa. I was able to manuever, paddle & fish all day from the comfort of this amazing seat.

See you on the water!!!