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By Jennifer Bradley (My awesome wife!)

A few months ago while I was surfing the American Whitewater website, I stumbled upon a post asking for story submissions about ’Love and Whitewater”. The light instantly went off in my head that Jen and I should do something for this issue, since we had a unique wedding story that Jackson Kayak had a big part of to make it perfect!

I told Jennifer about it and since she is the English major I highly encouraged her to get out her artistic literary quill to author this story. She spent a few nights up late writing and rewriting the story. Apparently great literary works can only happen at night for her… She put me in charge of finding some of our better photos to include with the story. After about a week of collaborating, the story and photos came together. However, Jen was having trouble coming up with a good title. She asked me to help her with that and I started putting together key words in my head and within two minutes the story title flashed upon me and I announced it to Jen, She loved it and the story was complete!

We submitted the story to AW and they published it in the current Jan/Feb 2011 Issue! Click on the link below to read the complete article with photos:

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