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If you’ve ever met the Jackson Team on the road, you’d be sure to notice the dogs too; there are almost as many dogs as kayakers!

From sitting shot-gun to living at the river’s edge we share most of our awesome lives with our dogs. And our lives are probably more awesome because of our dogs!

On long road trips they remind us that we need to stop and stretch. They watch the miles roll by and although they can’t chat they listen very well. They lead us to the trails and help us find the best swimming holes.

They bark at us from shore or ignore us for a good stick. They sit on our kayaks or join us in the cockpit.  They wear lifejackets and love to swim.

It’s hard to tell, but they might just be having more fun than us!

And although we secretly wish they could drive shuttle and get up to make us breakfast we wouldn’t change a thing about our dogs.

Here are some photos of Clay’s, Stephen’s, and my dog. If you have a good adventure shot of your road trippin, life enhancing dog please feel free to post it on our Jackson Kayak facebook page


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