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My friends were calling it ‘June’uary. It was warm and sunny and perfect for a trip to the coast. At about 5 hours from Reno, the drive isn’t bad and the rewards are great; I love the beach!

Is your local river frozen or too cold? Have you considered the distance to the coast? If you can make the trip here are a few things to keep in mind when you head out:

  1. Don’t think about sharks.
  2. Rinse your feet – sand in your boat sucks!
  3. Salt water is great for clearing the sinuses.
  4. Look for the mouth of a river or bay as there can be great waves there and easy access.
  5. Give the board surfers some space – they’re grumpy.
  6. Plan your approach back to the beach – beachbreak can throw you into an inch of water on your head (yes, it’s happened to me).
  7. Try a carbon boat – what about the JK Carbon/Kevlar Star Series.
  8. Go with friends – you don’t want to be stuck swimming out to sea in a nasty rip with no buddies around.
  9. To prevent a big wave from imploding your deck use a Happy Thruster.
  10. Have fun and Go BIG!


Thanks to Toby for braving a couple waves to take these shots!



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