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Spring Creek is a class 3 run located in Cookeville, TN. It is very dear to my heart, due to the fact that it (and the locals) helped me progress to the point that I could start hitting bigger runs when I first began kayaking. Last year the river was changed forever with an epic flood. In most cases this is a bad thing… but this time it would be the reason for my return.
Spring Creek:
I had been informed that the river was way better now, and even had a steep wave below the falls at the put-in. With this in mind, I headed down to meet my friends that had informed me of the good news (Tom Hehnan and Adam Kamptner). If nothing else, I figured it would be a good chance for me to fire up Waterloo Falls again. I would not be let down, as the wave was WAY better than expected, and a log would force me to try my hand at a different line on the falls. Every rapid had a much more powerful feel with play everywhere.

If you ever need a park and huck or park and play wave…. Spring Creek might need to be a consideration. It is in more than you would think. Enjoy the pics of this great day (Big thanks to Tom and Adam) and look for video of the wave and falls soon.

Spring Creek flows near Cookeville TN and can be found on the AW’s TN rivers page: