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I got off the phone with Kurt Casey, Kurt runs the website the best Chile based website I know of…. From what I have been told he knows more rivers and had done more first descents there than anyone…. I talked to David Hughes at set me and the Crew I have going with me down there with Kurt and with every boat we need for the trip. Dave helped with… Logistics, Drivers, a cook and Chilean super guide Kurt Casey…. I have been pretty lucky to have him on the trip, and Dave for that matter lighting the way. …

Its been 2 communications now with Kurt and my trip plan has been augmented on 2 fronts to accommodate some (special experience)…. Kurt writes, “Also would like to get the stronger part …of group or maybe everyone …on the Truful Truful…..…One of my favorites I guess its a bigwave run, easy for your crew to handle from what you have told me…. It should be a great trip and very worthwhile doing. “

I am going down early to be sure that things are organized, food menu is perfect and vehicles and plans are sorted out….

The Trip is an educational one as much as at tour of Chile…. Each day we are going to set up our day like I would run with the good old boys…. Someone takes lead, that leader rotates through the day…. That way we don’t have anyone just following…. Leading is key to learning, you see, you experience you learn. … First we take on boofing, I do a sweet learn to boof clinic that sorts out that issue, then we practice it and get used to RT/LT boofing and timing…. The next is group rules of conduct!… Gear, clearing rapids, setting up possible safety locations, and basic safety strategies…. Fire up the details like getting out with a throw bag in your hand…. Simple small details that make a crew run well or a floating liability..


Picture this guy looking over your shoulder..(chuck norris)

The Glitch in the plan is My father in law…. YEP…. he’s coming early with me…. Very similar people him and I…. I am calling him the trip target or pinyata not that I spell it right…. Hopefully everyone picking on him, might take the pressure off me to get everything just right…. I know he will be watching…. “Who did my daughter marry”?… Is hopefully the one question he dosen’t ask……… ok who am I kidding, that question has come up before today…..

Written By:Billy HARRIS

Billy Harris, on a mission…

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Mission: CHILE BOUND/Kurt Casey and the Father IN LAW!!!