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Last week I was able to do a personal first decent, my first one for the year! It was E to P on the South Yuba River near Nevada City, Ca. It is a class 4 river and it was lots of fun and had a couple a really cool boofs. My favorite rapids were called Corner Pocket, and  Door #3. The water was a little low but perfect for my first run, and the weather was perfect and sunny.  The next day, we ran over to the NF of the American and ran Chamberlain Falls, a river that I had run for the first time last year. Once again we had beautiful weather and I had a great time. My favorite rapid on Chamberlain is called Bogus Thunder. It has a really fun ferry and a couple of holes you have to punch. Unfortunately, no one had a camera so I don’t have any pictures. It is starting to cool down in California and Nevada again, but there is always a river running somewhere. See you on the river, Sage


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My First, First Personal Descent of the Year!