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Boat protection, vehicle protection, and travel companion Owning a Brand new Carbon All-Star or Carbon Rock Star is an awesome experience.    These are very expensive toys that you’ll want to take good care of.    In order to best maintain, and show off your High performance Carbon Jackson Kayak, we have these accessories to help you.

Our new Jackson Kayak Boat bag is specially designed to fit the All-Star and Rock Star series.    The Star, All-Star, Super Star in plastic, or All-Star in carbon fit perfectly.    The Rock Star S, M, or L  are perfectly suited for this nice travel/protective bag!

This protective bag is perfect for throwing your boat in the back of your vehicle, or on the roof and keeping it shiny and new.    It is also AWESOME for traveling by plane or train.   I recommend it for when you want to bring your favorite toy with you to somewhere cool.   

The “End Caps” are also an awesome accessory for your carbon All-Star or Rock Star!  The purpose is to take the abrasion off the outside seams, and also reduce the impact effect on the end of the boat during loops, cartwheels, macho-moves, wavewheels, enders, etc…   While it won’t necessarily prevent your boat from breaking, it will make it much less prone to breakage than without them.   It spreads the load over the boat better.  Simply “contact cement” it on.    In North America we use “wellwood contact cement” for best results, but “Super 77   works great too and is easier to use, and dries quicker.   Look at the link to see what they look like and find the equivalent in your country. 

These accessories will be available in the JK Store soon, or at a dealer near you.  

Watch this video and get fired up!  


How cool!

Here is a reminder of what you can expect in the Carbon boats, and what they look like!     My review of the Carbon All-Star is here…

If you have an Sl or Elite All-Star in plastic, this boat bag is a must have if you travel with it or just want to put you boat in the car without getting your car/truck wet or dirty after paddling!

Look for pricing and availability very soon!