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Janet and I decided to bring in 2011 at one of our favorite places. The Edisto River.

Friday morning we got dropped off at the put-in, and after organizing the loads we were on our way.

The Huckaberry Hound was as eager to get underway as we were.


Its a short float to the island where we planned to camp, so we took our time enjoying the good weather and beautiful scenery.
New year 2011 003

New year 2011 019


We arrived at our destination early in the afternoon and after setting up camp we just sat back to relax and enjoy some “holiday spirits”.

Huck chillin’
New year 2011 057

New year 2011 063

New year 2011 058

After a supper of steak and cheddar wurst we turned in early. When we turned out Saturday morning we were greeted with stunning scenery.

New year 2011 023

New year 2011 029

New year 2011 030

Huck wasn’t as eager to get the day started as we were.
New year 2011 032

The original plan was to get out and paddle up for a little fishing, but we decided to explore the island instead.

New year 2011 049

New year 2011 052

New year 2011 054

New year 2011 050

New year 2011 045

New year 2011 044

New year 2011 037

New year 2011 047

By the time we finished our walk the tide was out, so we decided to hunt shark’s teeth on the gravel bar at the head of the island. With the cold water I wasn’t gonna wade out into the channel to “pan” where the biggest ones are, but we still did pretty good.
New year 2011 070

New Year 2011

New Year 2011

Saturday night we had just finished up another supper of steak and cheddar wurst when the rain moved in. And boy did it move in!!! Luckily it quit right at daylight, and after breaking camp we headed for the take out. Although the weather was a little dreary and cool, it was still a nice float.

New year 2011 087

New year 2011 080



New year 2011 095

New year 2011 100

New year 2011 102


It was a great way to start the year, and I can’t wait to do it again!

BTW- The Coosa handled the load even better than expected. I don’t know what the total gear weight was, but it was a bunch! Still, no water through the sculpers and room to spare.