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I am a sledding man.  My dad and I built a steaming box for the ash we cut for the toboggan pieces that needed bending.   We built the best tobaggan of all time.

i have had a flexible flyer, and countless other “sleds” but never have i had a Riviera before.     Wow!  the sledding surface (known as a hull in kayak making) has the perfect combination of rocker, chine, and the front view offers both speed and control.   Steering straight, but not tracking off and losing speed.    the molded in seat back is rediculous and makes this sled beyond perfect.     

the next time I think I’ll be in snow,  I’ll make sure I have a Riviera or Regal (sit in version, but carries less people) for the ride!

here is a short video Kristine, my wife, shot with our iPhone…