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Everytime we create a new standard in playboats, I get the same question: “Now what can you do?   I can’t imagine improving this boat, it is awesome!”    I say the same thing to myself, and stress for a few months that, “Well, I guess it is over.  I can’t think of anything new to make this better in the future.”   Then, somewhere in the next year I start to think of stuff, a wish list, and combine with all of the comments and wishes I hear from my team and customers and a vision appears that turns into the next design.  I take my time and work with David Knight to discuss the performance goals and some ideas I have on how to acheive them, and David gets his wheels turning, too.   Together we start to piece the puzzle together.  How improve this or that, and not lose anything.  It is a long process that produces some incredible results for us.   The Rock Star has a number of these breakthroughs in it.    Today I want to talk about the hull for waves.

Carving like it is on rails, but slipping and sliding like on a glass smooth icy hill when you turn it sideways “Grinding” like no boat before it.   Like this video below suggests- any boat can grind a big steep super fast wave.     The Rock Star can grind waves that you can barely front surf.  Small, flat waves!   Watch the video and see the boat just slide out and down to the bottom like it is perfectly skimming accross the water, because it is!

What does this mean to you?  For one, you can now grind, or side surf waves where you could never do it before.  It is incredibly fun!    Secondly, you can now spin around on waves that you typically would fall off the back on!     Thirdly, if you are an expert playboater, you’ll be zipping around like crazy going in every direction, dropping your edge and flying accross, then flattening out and sliding around without a care.    It is truly a beautiful feeling.     What will it mean for freestyle?   Wave combos and landing tricks just got MUCH easier!   Look for lots of great stuff coming up…

Check out this very short video showing what I am talking about, on a wave that is not easy to surf forwards.