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young kids in the Jackson Kayak Coosa!

For a while now I have been saying that we need to get back to the roots of all this, to our youth and get them more involved because that is what makes kayak fishing so great to me…you know, it gives you that feeling like you are a kid again, exploring that neighborhood creek that made you feel like you were in the Amazon when your 8 year old imagination ran wild. Well, in reality one glance up and you could still see the back decks, grills and vinyl siding but still, it was the feeling that you were alone, an explorer; you were Lewis and Clark, Ponce De Leon or Columbus making headway past the big S bend, down the waterfall and into the big pool to then find out what this creek has in store for us around the next bend? You ask your brother and friends, “let’s keep going and see what’s next?!” But, in one moment your plans change when you hear “Mooo, Moooooooo!” Oh no, I turn to my brother and we know that is dad’s patented cow call that lets us know today’s adventure was over and a date with the dinner table was next on our agenda. The next bend will just have to wait for tomorrow, but it is the mystery of it that will keep me up tonight….and still does today.

So, right now I am in a coffee shop trying to get some details finalized for the 2011 River Bassin Tournament Trail and a friend of mine just sent me some photos of his son that inspired me to write this brief blog post. So, to Cooper, son of Jeff and Amy Scoggin, you are already looking good in the Coosa, and here’s to many creekside adventures with your father and all your future childhood friends you meet along the way. A little more advice here, Coop. Come in from the creek right when you are called, don’t whine about it at the dinner table or you might lose the chance to go back the next day or, dare I say even lose the option for dessert! Oh, and don’t swing out on the vine over the creek until you’ve fully tested its strength. Maybe borrow this big kid from down the street and if it can handle his weight then you’re good to go. Oh, and when you get your fishing lure hung in a tree don’t ever get so frustrated that you pull it as hard as you can right back at you – you may end up with treble hooks in your neck…not that I know anything about that.

Lastly, you have a great set of parents and if you listen to them, trust in God and obey them you can really do anything you want in life!   The canvas is blank Coop, and even if you want to do something as crazy as be a professional kayak fisherman, you can do it!  If you make a mistake then realize that a new canvas is always available, no matter if you have to begin it when you are 20, 30 or 50 years old.  Whatever mistakes you make can only help you make the next piece of art better because you’ll know what brush strokes not to make!Cooper in the Jackson Kayak Coosa