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The Coosa system starts in north east GA with some nice rapids on the Etowah and Amicolola CreekMany have asked, “What does Coosa mean” or “What is a Coosa?”  Well, this blog post will help answer the questions behind the Coosa name and give folks some insight behind the development and design of the Jackson Kayak Coosa.

The Coosa is named after the popular Coosa River that flows from Georgia into Alabama.  It was named Coosa because the river really demonstrates what type of water the boat can handle; from the whitewater on the Etowah River and Amicolola Creek, that both boast great trout fishing, to the flatwater on the popular Coosa chain of lakes (AL) that have held numerous professional bass tournaments.

The Coosa Coosa River in AlabamaRiver System Lakes start at the State Line in the upper northeast corner of Alabama from Georgia then runs south to the lower southern end of the state. It starts with Lake Weiss then moves into Lake Neely Henry, Lake Logan Martin, Lay Lake, Lake Mitchell, and then Jordan Lake. While all of these lakes are on the same river system they all are different and a number of fishing tactics are used to gain the upper hand on their fish.

Like the entire river/lake system the Coosa kayak is versatile as well, not only in its unique deck design, but in the type of environments it can handle.  So, to me, Coosa just made perfect sense, and from a marketing standpoint it sure didn’t hurt that it was easy to say, sounded cool and was easy to spell.aerial shot of Lay Lake