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The Ocoee River is a staple run for any paddler looking to progress; a stepping stone to the more difficult runs located in the southeast. The class III, roadside nature of the run makes an excellent location to experience dynamic rapids with ample recovery time. The river has several challenging rapids, including Double Suck and Table Saw, all presenting different play spots and eddy catches over the course of the run. With a holiday in remembrance of Martin Luther King Jr. and a lucky release, twelve students from Western Carolina University and the Whee Whitewater group made the 2 ½ hour drive to paddle the middle stretch of the Ocoee from Grumpy through Hell Hole. With a few solid combat rolls and fewer swims we made our way to the end, stopping for some play at Double Suck and again at Hell Hole. Thanks to everyone who made it out. Stay tuned to Whee Whitwater for updates on future whitewater outings.