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Over the winter my fishing time goes from a lot to none. And during this time I try to get some things planned out for the next season.

Well I have decided to dedicate a majority of my planning time to deciding what I want to put where on my new Jackson Kayak Coosa. To do this I spend quite a bit of time looking over my Coosa and pricing the materials I plan to add. I then make a price list and organize these items from the most needed to the least needed. I then will start saving money and purchasing gear.

Now I have quite a bit of stuff I am ready to add to my Coosa. But I have not added any of it yet because I have one rule and that is do not drill a hole until you are sure that is where you want it. The reason behind this is because once you drill a hole, something has to go there. So I make it a point to use my Coosa for at least a month before I make sure that is where I want something.

Now that I have my plans ready and I think I know where I want things to go I have just got to wait until I get back on the water before I drill any holes and mount any devices.

One tip I can give anyone planning to add something to his or here kayak is to ask your self this:

Is this really where I want it, and is there a better place to mount it?

Because there is always going to be that moment of “wow, wish I would have put it there”